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Officers directly recruited to the State Service through PSC 90%
Officers promoted to the State Service through PSC 10%
The Government of West Bengal constituted a three-tire Cadre Service in the year 1971. Recruitment to the service started in the year 1973. Our Association came into existence sometime during year 1975. The Association has its registered Office at P/3, Bharat Sabha Path, Kolkata 700 012. The entire map of West Bengal has been divided into six distinct regions having separate regional committees to cater to the needs of our members posted in different districts. We are member of the Convention of State Service Association, conglomerate of several State level services of the Government of West Bengal.

National Level Association

We are the pioneer members of All India Federation of Officers of State Finance Service Associations.


We run a Cooperative, which offers instant loan facility to its members. Even those who have not taken loan from it, find great comfort, consolation and assurance in knowing that the Cooperative is there to stand by them in their hours of difficulty. Every year, the volume of transactions are increasing.

Activities Cultural, Social

We arrange, different types of cultural programme such as drama, film festivals etc. every year.

We, in the past, organized Debates and Seminars on different topics related with Finance, Accounts and Public Administration;

We organise cultural functions, Health Check Up Camps, Hepatitis B Inoculation Camps and are working presently toward a GROUP MEDICLAIM for our members and members of their families.


Our Service, historically, was a three-tier mechanism, comprising of West Bengal Higher Audit & Accounts Service, West Bengal Audit & Accounts Service and West Bengal Junior Audit & Accounts Service. The Hon'ble High Court, Kolkata vide its judgment and order directed the State Government to merge the West Bengal Junior Audit & Accounts Service with the West Bengal Audit & Accounts Service w.e.f. 01-03-1971. The matter was taken to the Apex Court of the land by our Association. The Hon'ble Supreme Court ruled against retrospective effect of Merger, and set aside the order of the Lower Court. Ultimately, as agreed upon by our Association, we got the Merger on our terms, protecting inter se seniority of the members of the Association intact. The West Bengal Junior Audit & Accounts Service was merged with the West Bengal Audit & Accounts Service with effect from 1st March 2001 by a Government Notification in the year 2001. For the betterment and up gradation of our service, at the persuasion of our Association the West Bengal Higher Audit & Accounts Service has been abolished on 01-03-2006.

6:3:1- A catchphrase indicating that the bottom 60% of our cadre will remain at basic grade while the middle 30% will have the next scale of pay and the top 10% will enjoy next higher scale. This feat was another achievement of our Association through Court Verdict.

In the formative years of the Service, there was some direct recruitment to the West Bengal Higher Audit & Accounts Service. Subsequently, members from West Bengal Audit & Accounts Service were promoted to West Bengal Higher Audit & Accounts Service in 1989, Government decided for direct recruitment to the West Bengal Higher Audit & Accounts Service. This did not materialise.

We got many posts in the Cadre Schedule redesignated, aligning them with the administrative hierarchy of the Directorates/Departments, making our positions vis-à-vis others in the hierarchy more prominent.

We succeeded in our endeavor to get the posts manned by our officers Graded, so that due weightage could be given the to the seniority of the officers and their expertise and experience can be utilized in the interest of public service.

Publishing of Cadre Schedule and getting Recruitment Rules altered after unification having wider provision for wider direct recruitment was another achievement of the Association.

We played active role in Computerization of Treasuries, a job that gave us a distinct identity. Submission of Treasury Accounts to the Office of the Principal Accountant General, West Bengal are no longer delayed and accounting errors can be settled rapidly.

A very senior post in the district administration, viz. Controller of Finance in Zilla Parishads, was created and is being manned by our officers. Senior posts like Member, Tax Tribunal are also from our Service.

We organized National Convention of All India Finance Services, the first of its kind in the history of Independent India, to bring the finance related State Cadre Services of all States under one umbrella to have a common platform to discuss matters including nomination to Indian Administrative Service from Finance related State Cadre Services.

Government of West Bengal nominated our Association as a member of Joint Consultative Committee.

Post unification Gradation List is to be published soon, protecting inter se seniority of direct recruit officers.


Handbook for Drawing & Disbursing Officers

Two books on Panchayat Accounting Rules and

A Handbook for Preliminary Examination of West Bengal Audit & Accounts Service.

Memorandum and Regulations of the Association

List of the Members of the Executive Committee & Sub-Committees of the Association